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under my couch is a pile of snow...

Hey. So, this is my first post with underthecouch. WHat up? Well, I'll get right into it then--today sucked. First I had work, then I spent the rest of the day and night doing homework so I can go to a concert tomorrow. Ah well. When I finished my hmwk I treated myself to some twizzlers and brad pitt. Well, I watched fight club anyway. God, that is the best film. It's a fuckin good book, too. Most fuckers don't even know it is a book. heh. Yesterday was okay. I hung out with a new friend, and it had its awkward moments as I knew it would, but all in all it was cool. We smoked a bunch, ate dinner then we saw 'shaun of the dead.' Fuckin funny as hell. Pretty Weird tho too. I'm seeing Franz Ferdinand at the Quest next wednesday and im fucking psyched. We're all gonna get wasted first. It's gonna be the shiat. I haven't been to any shows lately, cuz Ive been in FL. (I was going to school there.) Anyway, I wanna get back in the scene. I should figure out how to post pics on here. yeah. Well, nice to meet anyone who reads this. I'll write again soon. Peace,Love,and lots of tree hugging,
heart, me.
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